Centroid Control Solutions
Made in the USA

M-400 Milling Retrofit Control
Powerful control with user-friendly operation

* Cut parts the first day with CENTROID's straight-forward operation.

* Machine parts not possible with other controls.

* Get more work through a machine with faster setups.

* Produce parts with a better surface finish.

* Spend less time programming and more time making chips.

* Bring in more work and bid on higher paying jobs.


M-400 Operator Conslole
15" LCD and Standard PC Keyboard. Optional MPG Jog Handwheel w/ Axis Selector & Sealed Membrane Keyboard, (Shown in Photo).

M-39 Prewired Retrofit Kit
Ready to install basic retrofit kit. Can be used for most any motion control solution.

* Complete running CNC System ready to Install.

* Prewired Servo motors and encoders.

* Servo Motor Drive programmed and wired.

* Control Power supplies provided and wired.

* PLC pre-programmmed and wired, w/extra outputs.

* CNC PC w/software pre-installed

w/fiber optic communication.


T-400 Turning Retrofit Control
Conversational Programming is fast and easy

* Program parts right at the control or offline with your desktop PC

* Centroid's Intercon generates the G codes for you.

* Help screens for all the common turning cycles, just fill in the dimensions

* A graph of the part shows you your work as you go.

* Automatic cleanout, Intercon auto creates the roughing and finish passes

* Fill in the blank programming.

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