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PC Based Servo Retrofits

Going to Retrofit? Can't decide on a particular control? We can install a new PC based Servo Control on your mill. We have several different models to choose from based on your needs, budget & requirements.

* SERVO MOTORS w/ Closed Loop Encoders

Servo motor based are the smoothest, fastest & most powerful. DC brush type or AC Servos. We have several Servo/PC Based Controls to choose from. Just call and give us your basic requirements & we'll help recommend a control that will fit your needs.

New Mills & Lathes

We offer a great selection of new standard mills, lathes, grinders, saws etc. to complete your shop.

Special Machines

* Large Routers to 50x100

* CNC Plasma Cutters

* Milling Attachments

* Programmable Rotary Tables & 4th Axes.


CAD-CAM Software

We are an authorized Ez-Cam/Ez-Mill/Ez-Turn distributor. We offer Sales & Upgrades for all Ez-Cam Products, Supporting Ez-Mill & Ez-Turn V6.0 through new version V18., Entry Level Ez-Mill Express 2.5D for only $995. call for details.
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