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Cutting Edge Servo Controls

Centroid M400 PC Based Control
We are a Centroid factory trained dealer. The CENTROID CNC M400 is a truly flexable control system that is loaded with high-end features has a large, easy to read 15" LCD display, dedicated control panel for all common machine functions- one button operation to jog an axis, one button to check tool. Color Tool Path Graphics show tool path of cutter comp moves. Floppy disk drive for quick and easy file transfers. Capable of 3, 4 or 5 axis milling. Options include Continuous Tool Motion with no hesitation or dwell, Rigid Tapping, Thread Milling, 4th Axis Rotary Tables, 2D & 3D Digitizing, Part & Fixture Probing, Auto Tool Setting, Engraving and much more.

Anilam 5300M PC Based Control

The Anilam 5300M 3/4 or 5 Axis Milling Control is a feature rich 'G-code' control has a built-in CAM System with on screen graphics. The well designed operators panel gives you all the controls you need, complete with 3.5" floppy drive right where you need it. Our experience with the control is very user friendly. The programs can be selected, edited & executed with little effort.

NEW! Spindle Inverter Drives

Versitech now offers a 3hp inverter drive for the Bridgeport Boss4-6 Controls, Versitech PC/NC Retrofits and Standard Mills with programmable spindle speed capability that improves the Spindle performance and overall RPM Range. It can also be used with non-programmable spindles and Standard Mills with a manual potentiometer.

All New Sheet Metal

Every Versitech PC/CNC Control Retrofit now comes with a Completely New Main Electrics Cabinet, Pendant Support Arm & Operator Pendant. We found that it just doesn't make sense to try and save the old cabinets, when half isn't required and the other half won't work with the new components etc. So, which ever control you decide to go with, you'll still get all new cabinets that look and work best on your mill.
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